Tag Zone Question

If I place 2 tag zones, 1 for team 1 and one for team 2 in the same place, would there be a bug? This is important! I do not have RESPAWN ON TAG ENABLED!

I would guess so. I have tried 4 teams before and it all broke. So I deleted the map.

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Did you have respawn on tag on?

yeah. and when he respawn they go on a different team.

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Ok. My question is about whent he respawn on tag is off.

oh. ok sorry for bothering you then.

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Its ok

yes, it would either have absolutly no effect or it would crash the game making every thing team related messed up, at least until it is fixed.

I tried to do this for my meele system and it seemed to not work and was very bugged.


After much consideration I decided to return to this main forum not the side ones.

So, has this question been answered? Make sure to mark a solution, then!

(wow, @getrithekd needing help???)

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