Tag zone issues

so i need to increase the tag distance to more than 3 because i have a ¨reveal nearby players¨ system its just a bit pointless since you need to be like 5 inches away from the player to reveal them so is there an alternative to the tag zone? or can u increase the tag distance to more than 3?

give me a sec testing

More tag zones? I don’t know what you mean.

basically the tag distance is too short for my system

all I got is a coordinate system

ofc coordinate system my mortal enemy and the only thing i cant figure out even with guides ._. oof any other way may i ask? :sweat_smile: coordinate system is the only thing i practically become that one patrick meme

I can try to explain here
first how big is your map or the area this needs to happen?

its just my test map i have like 80 percent memory from creating a massive connect the lasers puzzle

well you need to cover your map in zones decently big the size you want the effect to be

oki well i gtg sorry i´ll bump this when im not busy

I’ll be on
and thanks I didn’t think my request on the wix would be taken that seriously

well yeh we cant exactly risk one peep being blocked it might start a chain reaction and block some mods and good peeps on the wix so anyways history here i come to destroy u! >:D

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