Tag Domination (Teleported Out)

Hello, I don’t know if I should share this here, but I want to share it…
Tag Domination has a weird teleport bug. I got weirdly teleported while walking straight (I was just walking straight).
(I wasn’t near any teleports)
It automatically teleports me. I don’t think this is normal. Has anyone ever experienced this?
I know it’s a bit off-topic but I wanted to ask so forgive me.
Also, I got a video, but it says I can’t share it here because I have a webm video.

where does it telport you

aaanywhere in-game…,

so you don’t telport backwards or sideways

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You can use a video converter
I think that’s what it’s called

how do i use that???

video converter? just search video converter up and it will show u

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which one do I convert to
I tried like 3 of them and none of them worked (will I have to try them all one by one)

Nope, I tried a lot of them, but it didn’t work, it didn’t accept any of them.

if your trying to record you can use ( Windows + G ) if your on laptop if your on mobile or tablet you can scroll down the menu where the flashlight is and press the record button there (if you dont have it you can activate it in your settings but the game your in might kick you out)

My grade has had some troubles with tag domination, but never like this
The worst we have had was bad hitboxes

windows + r is what i have (lenovo)

oh my bad sorry.

windows g opens up the gaming bar

For example, at the beginning of the game, you wait in that area >
Screenshot 2024-02-28

for 20 seconds and the game teleports you to a random place or something like that happens, for example, every 10 seconds, every 15 seconds.

Ok, where did you teleport?

on the map like anywhere
i have a video but i cant send it

I don’t know why it did this. I reported it to josh about 4 months ago and he fixed it. It was because of the gims new hitbox becoming bigger with the top down mode and they reached the teleporter hit box with the barrier over them So all you can do is email josh at josh@gimkit.com and show him the video. That’s what i did and it got patched, its just strange why it does it now…

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Hmm… Ok… I’ve had a glitch in GK where I walk strait, then I get teleported backwards. But this is way crazier than I thought. Try contacting the Nolt that they have. Or Josh’s email, whatever it is.

Is there any way to send the video here? ? ? ?

You can shrink the video, it needs to be under 4mb to be posted.