Tag Domination (Teleported Out 2)

Hello, this bug is still not fixed. I was playing tag domination at the moment and it happened again.


They said they already sent them an email.

oh ok

email them again : D

that’s the only thing i can think of

Ok, I would be happy if someone else emails them. : D

he’s talking bout td bro

I’m talking about tag domination

UGHHHH im sorry….

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But ya, ill email them 2 sorry again

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Wolf Technology must have sent it with the video beforehand, it would be a little meaningless without the video, but you can send an email for a reminder.

@AhmetT can you convert your video to a GIF here? Video to animated GIF converter
once you do a GIF can be posted

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okay i forgot how to do it but i will try

ok it worked, this is what happens:

I can’t put the link like this, so put a period instead of the comma I put.