Tag Domination, Non walk able area.(NOT IN GKC)

In Tag: DOMINATION, there is 1 tile by Gimflix, where I can not walk on, it seems out of place, so I think it is a glitch, I have seen small errors like these, like the camera in fishtopia, but no one jad said anything about this yet. I was just messing around, and I saw this, has anyone else known this?

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The devs might have accidentally put that there as a wall. Anyway, I believe this forum is only for the gkc part of gimkit, so you might want to email them at hellogimkit.com about this instead.

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yeah, I was just spreading out, maybe the devs will hear

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Ok, my bad. (I need these as extra characters)

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you can hide extra characters, by putting them in these < >

Oh wow! <did it work?>

You can’t put special characters or spaces

And don’t you have to make it on a separate line
< > like this?

You don’t have to.

I didn’t know that, that is what I always do


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@CringeKarlScott made a topic about this (i forgot the name)

I know, I meant about the Tag one only!

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i did?

about what exactly?

Somebody did! I saw it once, now let us not get off-topic!

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I’m surprised there’s only ONE in the whole map.

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