Tag Domination Bug

This could relate to GKC as well by using the same principles, so essentially, when you open up the answer question interface, you can answer questions in Tag Domination, right? And when you are maxed out on energy, it automatically closes for you. However, by clicking outside of the question interface to close it, and then opening it again immediately after, you can answer as many questions as you want without the interface closing automatically.


Wow that’s interesting. Could that make an auto close questionnaire useless?

I think I had this happen to me before, it’s a glitch but doesn’t exactly make it useless.

This has happened to me a lot. I’m not sure if this even is a bug. I guess in game they would expect you to keep track of your energy instead on relying on it to close it for you.

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This is probably a strange bug in the code. It will probably get patched soon.

As said before, i email josh the day of DLD, and he said they would fix it. And it is because of the new hitbox.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 9.46.46 AM

Wait, how does a changed hitbox alter the interface automatically closing?

He most likely is avoiding us Though I believe He is not that kind of guy but Who knows

The hit box became rounded for DLD, so with the teleporters square hitbox, they just barrly touch.

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Yes, but this isn’t about the teleporters, it is about the questioner bug.

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well is this a issue that really causes any problems though?

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