Survival game ideas

i Need any ideas i have two ores ruby and diamond i have 3 wood types Wood, Flexwood and Frostpine. My caves look bland what should i add

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You can add rocks [props], some stalactites/mites [barriers or text], and bats [emojis].


I will add stalactites they sound like a cool idea


i need more ideas

You should make some of it like a lush cave from minecraft
Giant lush caves biome : r/minecraftseeds


uhhh you could make the caves better by adding shadows, if you can. and make torches be placed in specific places so you can light up areas. Just add gold and iron, and a idea for wood type is maybe Blossom wood or Lush wood, going off what jobozo1875 said.

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i like it but any crafting ideas? i have an axe armor and pickaxe

I made this for the desert cave what should i put for the snow cave

That’s excellent!

I suggest adding icicles and snow piles to the other cave.

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any ideas on how i could make icicles

Okay this is the ice cave that blue tree is the closest thing i could think of to make an icicle

I like it!

[but am out of likes… :slightly_frowning_face: ]

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