Superpower Upgrades

I need 3 specilized upgrades for my game. I want them to be more of a “power-up” instead of an upgrade, to make them seem higher than the normal upgrades. Any ideas?

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Be able to take away anyones weapons
Slow everyone down(I made that)
Mega-Speed(Like 4x)
10x Damage Boost
Regenerating Health
Doesn’t need energy to move
Energy = More Pseudo Health
Secret Teleporters?

I think I’ll take the slow-down, regenerating health, and no energy mover. If anyone else has ideas that they think would be nice to add, you still have time before this post closes.

Thanks for the help!


Just saying, I think you know this, but to make everyone elses’ speed slower, just use the All Other Players selection in the Relay

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Yep, thanks for the extra help anyway!

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maybe you can add pseudo health and add a superpower that gives everyone one level of hp burn and takes it down a bit but here you can use these guides How to make a specific item heal you (not medkits)
and my How to make an hp burn system with pseudo health! except for the health granter is replaced with a trigger that gives for pseudo health on the top one or maybe a button that teleports everyone away from them except for the triggering player or maybe a freeze power?

Hey, one more quesetion: what’s a good amount of energy to take away per second?

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depends on how much energy you start with (or get per question) which is how much?

Start with 1,000 and 1,000 per question.

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