Super power suggestions?

Hello there! Good afternoon (or morning/night)

Please give me any super powers (NOT SUPER HERO ONE’S)
like fire power (idk how to make that) or ice powers.

reality bending, self destruction, flying, superspeed, invisbility, strength

Creating food at any time. Example: create a wall of meatballs.

flying super speed thats helpful

I can do superspeed and strength but the else is kinda be impossible

“tell me the diffrence between the pictures”

there is no diffrence

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Self distruction: respawn

idk nothings impossible as i have learned here

super speed
the ability to grant heath to other players
the ability to slow time (slow down other players)
freeze other players
spawn in enemy sentries

i may add more, that’s all i got for now.


yea, but reality bending is gim possible

Nice powers!

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that is impossible they have to be in creative mode or be hacking

wait, could the reality bending just be some props spawning randomly in the maps?

it could be that you could summon props telport people insta kill them change speed, health, strenth stats

Imma leave this up overnight and see what other superpower y’all come up with and make a poll with it! Goodnight.

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Did you get that from me? :smirk: :joy:
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How would I have copied you?

You can make reality bending by placing things*, not visible on game start, and making them apear when reality is bended

*= monsters, plants, a dark barrier

i didn’t say anything about copying

Remember the meatier meteor?