Summer Game Help!


So I’m looking for a game idea, (That will span over the course of the summer.) in which I will make something really detailed and awesome!
(pretending I’m gonna beat @harharharhar83’s Hollow Knight Remake)

Please put something interesting here, and I will even credit you in the Game.


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So I don’t make games(AT ALL), I make thumbnails, but I love playing games and have a few ideas. Here is one(I’ve told other people though so it might already be used :confused: :

Name: Islands of Wonder or something like that
How to play: Basically Islands are “levels” and each island/level has different challenges and minigames to get to the next island.

Idk just an idea I had


do you have season tickit?

Maybe a game where you have to defend a kingdom? I’m making one right now

Make an RPG about a kid who wakes up in his house and when he goes out the front door, he is sent to a dimension where realities mix and he must find a diamond, emerald, and ruby key to unlock a chained-up door that leads home. He gains a key from completing a quest. Have each quest framed around a different reality. Real-life, video games, books, etc. Here are some interesting mechanics you could add:

  • Turnbased Combat
  • FUN Value[1]
  • Lovable NPCs
  • Decisions that matter. Depending on choice they make it will lead them to new areas and more areas to explor
  • Multiple Endings
  • Instead of creating 3 quests (one for each key), create 6 quests and at the start of the game they get a random order of quests each time for a unique expirence[2]

Thats all maybe more ideas later.

  1. This is taken from Undertale. At the start of the game it will determine a random fun value. (1-100) based on the value, lore scraps will appear, characters will have different lines of dialouge, etc. This keeps players coming back for a unique expirence each time ↩︎

  2. I will learn to spell one of these days ↩︎

Nil (nuh-uh)

ok you can create a story telling map and create a story with I don’t know monsters and choose your own path!

Thanks har, that map will be a challenge and I approve. (I will need help with the different dialogue and fun Value. Can you help?)

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Just make a different topic.

Also, to abbreviate my name just use '83 :slight_smile:

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