Suggestions for creative?

Is it possible to give suggestions for creative mode?

Not in here… go to to suggest

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You could either email or the nolt website.

Remember to mark a solution!

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Ah okay, thanks
I was looking for a while but never found anything lol

What are you particulary look for, like what do you have in mind.



that is what i tried and it said it didn’t have an IP adress

are you using a school email? and also it will say that if you haven’t ever sent something to that email before.

I Am using a school computer so that is probably why. this is what it says

yeah that is why, try using a personal outlook email, it works on my school computer and i can email gimkit from it. And now lets get back on topic.

That would be a good idea but i don’t know if i will get in trouble for doing it. They are actually watching me as I speak.

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well it is up to you to do what you want, and lets please get back on topic so we both don’t get banned.

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