Suggestions for a tag game

So my tag game is at 83 plays, I refuse to add another update til we reach 100. So what should I add next? the game is like the original tag game that you used to play at recess. one - two people are taggers and they try tagging someone else and when that person gets tagged they become the tagger Things I already have:
-Pregame waiting room
-Lots of details
-Hiding spots
When an idea is suggested I will make a poll so you guys can vote! Poll:
If I fail to update the poll feel free to do so If I fail to update the poll feel free to do so

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The top three ideas will be added, if your idea gets added do you want to be credited in the game?

Would you like to be credited if your idea is chosen?
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The poll doesn’t work

I know, I am trying to fix it.

yeah the poll doesnt work


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but how about making secret rooms that players can find so they feel happy when they find it and will search for more kinda like a room full of some heals or a secret lore room

I voted for the special events but with that idea how about a event where everyone but the tagger is slow now (not too slow) so the tagger has a chance

I have given the tagger a 1.25x speed booster.

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Add a place that is a good hiding spot. But, a waypoint for the tagger apears after a runner is in there for too long. (10-40 seconds)

and then there is a little timer or something that at the end will stop the slowness effect

is there like hiding spots for the runners cause 1.25 is slightly faster but still you get my idea

That’s a great idea, and I love the creativity, but unfortanetly I have max repeaters so that won’t be able to work.

ok how about adding a point system so like making it so if you get tagged less you win

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You don’t need a repeater.

cough cough trigger loop cough