Suggestions for a new Game (Cold-Heart)?

Hope You Like It :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Looks fantastic! A few suggestions…
You should use gridsnap to make the sentries aligned.
Instead of a lot of triggers you can use an extended zone, unless you’re making an animation.
You should make this a post asking for suggestions so it doesn’t get flagged, since showcases are off topic.


Thanks For The Advice

This could technically be a showcase, right?

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Not Really Cuz Is not Complet :upside_down_face:

No, as in it’s not really a help post like “How can I make a sentry be on someone’s team”

Even though it’s not complete, it still counts as a showcase.

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In the final image, you used a bunch of triggers, but you could resize a zone, it’s much more efficient


small area = use triggers

big area = zones.


If you are using 7 or less tiles worth of player-detection space, use triggers.

If you are using more than 7 tiles worth of player-detection space, use zones.

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:sweat: sorry I just didn’t know how small it was it looked kind of big

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Amazing! What is the type of game you are making?

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I think there might even be more triggers than that…
(If you look at the middle-left, you can see what looks like to be a bottom of a trigger.)


But IDK how to make zones

Go to the add menu, go to devices and type in “Zone.”

Don’t forget to mark a solution
if it works @CaptainJesse as this is also kinda off-topic.

If this post is for suggestions on how to improve your map, please make it more obvious by adding it to the topic post and modifying the title to be primarily focused on asking for suggestions to your map and not a sneak-peek/showcase of your map. It could be considered off-topic in its current state…

That actually looks pretty good! Because this is off-topic, I suggest you mark a solution soon.

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Thank You For The Advice I will be pst progress on fandom more

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