Suggestion [Do not reply]

  1. Camera Device improvements like see something from a distance like real cameras
  2. A new block code in logic: Get Players and get player
  3. Weapon mods: weapon modifications ammo and damage
  4. A voting thing like trust no one as a popup model
  5. more call to actions
  6. Not only call to actions text box’s for the player to type instead of call to actions or something where you can type
  7. Some game effects
  8. Real player id’s i know there is already some but they are not real it wouid be easy’er
  9. Relay option for host
    10.This is a long shot but… DataStores works with player ids
  10. A logic block code: Get player name With player id’s
  11. Positions Change a position of a prop
  12. make it easy to vote please or add the trust no one system

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I feel like that thing never works

Well we cannot post suggestions here

ok i will listen alright

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