Sudden Respawn at Game Start

In my game, there’s no sentries or anything damaging the player’s health whatsoever except lasers, which is far from the spawn pad. I only have one spawner, but if 2+ people enter the game, someone always has the ‘RESPAWNING…’ screen and comes up rainbow. Although this isn’t a serious, game-affecting problem, I’d like to fix it.

This is a bugs post,so i’m switching it to bugs, and, try restarting.

well do you have a life cycle thing and make it when game starts it respawn you


If you worked on this game with other people, this shows that one of them was trolling and messing around in the game. Try looking all around the map editor - and if you see any suspicous devices that you didn’t place, delete them. Try finding these devices:

Lifecycle & Respawn Device

Or you could just search for other devices you didn’t place.

Your friend probably trolled you.

Look for a random Lifecycle, Respawn Device, or Team Switcher you never placed down.