Stuff with popups

Can you make a popup or anything say a player’s name, like who has a certain item?

Look at this for the popup part:

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Wait, how do you get to the interface with the blocks?

press blocks for popup

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Oh, I didn’t know that existed, that is really cool!!! Thanks!!!

Make sure to mark a solution!

Np happy to help

I need urgent help with a thumbnail

tell me what u need ok?

Urgent? I thought you already had one

I need a cookie clicker thumbnail and I’m releasing it today so I need one

ok tell me what gims u want

Ummm snaps finger done

NO!!! not that one for the 4th time

Hey you asked for one

Nobody else is active rn

NOT that one I said no to that for 4 times already

for refrence

what background u want?

Space boardwalk (grills)

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