Streets of rogue help (NOT SOLVED)

any ideas of what i should make
( im making this in gkc )

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(story) the mayor has used the towns money and made a army of super cops to protect him and his gold and let the city go well… Rogue! and its your job to restore freedom and take the mayors place.

yes it is im making streets of rogue ^^ in gimkit

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question…are you more towards larger, less detailed, or smaller but extreme detailed?
and more of a gim-dungeon like game but in city? or story game?

larger and mid detail

gim-dungeon like game but in city? or story game?

both kind of

all the npcs are interactive

Sorry let me explain better

  1. Gimdungeon, soemwhat randomized never-ending unless die.
  2. Story game, more of a organized series of events that always happen and leads to the end.

2 but there are multiple endings

Okay now smaller but more extremely detailed? Or bigger but less detailed?

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you all ways get to the end but there are dif options at the end


Gimkit codes (
j0in this if u want to help

umm i kinda cant do padlet…can you do

why? u dont need an acount.

my dad says if i even click on padlet he will ban me from gimkit.

wait want me to help you? I’m good at details (padlet?)

you can help!

how do i make a code in canva?