Story Game Creation (platformer style)

I want to make a special platformer game that is related to a detailed story with a special host that guides you along. what should the game be?

Please give detailed help

Maybe a museum tour that goes wrong. And your classmates have been taken over by the evil tyrannosaurus in the museum? Or a metroid dread style game?


If u look up what spelunky is it has some good ideas in it but you can make it to where u go and complete a level with the guide helping u along. There are a lot of different ways you can do it but if you would send me the link I would be glad to help.

Name for that: GIMLUNKY.

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as a Spelunky player myself I do want to see this added but I’m not sure how bosses would work (if you add them)

random games based on having a guied the stanly parapel,

or a orginal idea is that the gim wakes up in a abandoned train station and they have someone from the surface trying to find a way to bring them back up and they can then complete quest and challenges

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Good point but I do love spelunky it was a great game and even though it is blocked now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I still love it.

Uhhhhhhh, Splatoon 2 octo expansion?

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:), how’d you know. ya basiclly that but its going to be a diffrent story and diffrent puzzles and there not going to be some big boss fight at the end you just get closer (also its one person)

Kinda easy to know, just look at my bio it has Splatoon in it! But it is a great idea, but the world/subway map might be hard to replicate.

well its ill be willing to help build it (do you play splatoon 3? its great to meet another fan)

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Budget like :heart_decoration:

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We should get back on topic. It’s a good idea no matter what

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okay we can here we can talk about it here later

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