Stop using Lifecycle to check if a player got knocked out!

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While a lifecycle has a 16 limit placement


true, but knockout manager usually shouldn’t need too many uses in my opinion

Why would you need 10 of them?
I am fairly new to GimKit creative, so I wouldn’t really know haha

that is actually a very good point
Why would you need 10??

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A) This is too short.
B) There’s already topics on this. Is the Knockout Manager made obsolete by the Lifecycle?
C) Not exactly a gimkit-beginners kind of thing.


Saw it before this got flagged.
So overall seeing what @Akari and @Cellofive basically lifecycles and knockout managers are about the same in efficiency.

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shouldnt this be in devices?

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Knockout managers’ scopes are for the player knocking out, not the player knocked out.


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