Stop replying please, people keep necroposting

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This doesn’t really go here.

umm… remove the wiki tab and art

you sure??? AWWW MAN I wanted to send these ideas to the creator

This is off topic. Activating @Cellofive signal!

by the way. do any of you know JelloBoss or DeathDaddy9?

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I have some Gimkit skin ideas like country flags but skins to celebrate ((differences)) or the earth and the sun for earth day ((not the meme))

This is not GKC.

Whats GKC? I Don’t know what that is

Gimkit Creative

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kind of figured. I still want help



Off topicness. Oh wait, just made the signal up, so I’ll explain. Remember when I was new here and necroposted? You told me and explained it to me. I thought you were a bot back then! Then, I helped others get the hang of it, and said you taught me it. So now I made a signal to call you when needed! (I know I could have done it myself, I just had that idea.)


This isn’t the right place to do it. Just go to the following link, ok? Please mark a solution! :rofl:

Is Cellofive a mod? If yes, wow that’s crazy.

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He’s not a mod. Hydra’s just calling him because as a Regular, he has more flags. :sunglasses: At least, that’s what I think he meant, @Temmie.

This is not the place to suggest this, please do it on the feedback page or email This post has been flagged. (NOT to be rude but to keep these forms in check, remember ONLY GKC RELATED TOPICS ONLY)

please don’t necropost guys. this is old, and off-topic.

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you don’t have to yell, i think he got the point.

I’m not yelling, I put text in bold and caps to emphasise the point

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