Stonian calculator: Coming out soon (22.925% memory)

Soon, I will be making a guide on how to make a calculator with 5 functions, a backspace, and a positive/negative toggle.
Bookmark or set your status to watching so that you will be notified when the guide comes out. Happy gimkiting! No one edit this, please. This is a wiki so that I can bypass the 30-day editing limit. Here is a small sneak peek of the calculator.
This is everything you need to make a calculator:

Please follow this guide before making this part as it sets up all of the properties. Here.

The artistic part

First, you want to put down 19 text boxes in a 4x5, but with the bottom-middle-right missing a box. Ex: (The x’s are text boxes)
x x x x
x x x x
x x x x
x x x x
x x ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ x
On the top row, put “^”, “←”, “C”, and “/” down in the 4 text boxes from left to right (size 60). Then, on the right side, put “*”, “-”, “+”, and “=” from top to bottom (size 60). Then, in the bottom left corner, put “-/+” (size 49). Now, put all of the numbers in (size 60). Next, you want to put barriers under the text. Color: 0 R 0 G 0 B. Collision is turned off, the alpha is set to 1, and the border is turned off. Copy this under every single text box. Now, put a big barrier under everything. Color: 57 R 57 G 56 B. Collision is turned off, the alpha is 1, and there is no border. It should look like this: (ignore everything except for the text and barriers please)

Inputting numbers

Place buttons on top of the numbered keys. In each button, change the settings to:
Button message: (Put the number here.) Ex. “1”
When pressed, broadcast on channel: (Type in “Add digit” and then put whatever number is under the button.)
Activation time: Instant
Next, place a button on the non-digit keys. Their settings:
Button message: Put whatever symbol. Ex “+”, “-”.
When pressed, broadcast one channel: Put the same signal. Ex “Addition”, “Subtraction”.
Activation time: Instant.
Now place 2 triggers down next to each of the digit keys. The settings of the first one:
Trigger when receiving on: "Add digit " + and then input the number
Visible in game: False.
Trigerable by collision: False.
Now, in the second set of triggers, put:
Trigger when receiving on: “digit " + the digit + " neg”
Now, go into the first set of triggers, and put this in for the block code:

(I used the trigger for number 2, so for all of the others, just change the 2 to that number.) Then, in the 2nd trigger, put this in the block code:
(I again used trigger for number 2, so just switch the 2 to the other numbers.
Now, put 1 trigger down on each of the non-digit keys. Those should trigger on their corresponding button channels, and not be visible in game nor have collision turned on.
In the solve trigger’s code, put this:

When the solve trigger is triggered, make it broadcast on “Middle text update”.
Next, for the +/- trigger, in the blocks put:

For addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and exponetial triggers, put this in the code:
As you can tell, I was in the addition trigger. But in multiplicaton’s trigger, “Is Multiplication” would be set to true and everything else to false.
Now, in the clear trigger, put this:
Now, you should be done with the inputting numbers part! You are about 2/3 done!


Can’t wait, looks awesome!

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This looks cool!


Nice job so far! That gif looks nice!


Looks awesome! Can’t wait!

Cool guide!

this was from 3 months ago they no longer have editing time

…it’s a wiki? also i dont know if they’re still working on this

I just realized that
I do believe they aren’t working on it anymore

Greystone used to be a regular?

Try pinging them, looks like they are still active

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they haven’t been on for 10 hours and us replying here will ping them unless they turned off the notifications

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Yes, I will finish this, it’s just that I feel very unmotivated right now.