Stone gate / portal gate (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

first place two columns like this

then get two stone barriers make them smaller and flip one
last use terrain of choice


Nice guide! It is a bit short though, and you might want to post it here.

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Nice guide! you might want to show how to teleport as well.


Wow! That’s a great, creative guide! Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum, @Crazy_Rae!

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Welcome to the community @Crazy_Rae! And very nice first guide.


just place a teleporter in between the columns

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I know. You should add that in the guide.

Yeah, and just make it not visable in game.

thank you! I might do that.

ok good to know I guess

wait how do I do it?

Click the blue text. There’s a post there. Scroll down and read the wiki editing rules and then click edit. Make sure you click the checkmark and add your name into the @no-one is editing and make it @no-one is editing when your done.

I did it! I hope it worked

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oh my goodness!!! this looks awesome!!!

Good job! You even followed the format. It looks really good in the guide and I’m really impressed by it. The idea is something I never would have thought of and is very neat.

I LOVE this guide! The terrain and prop use is SOOOOO cool!

Welcome to the forum and nice first guide, @Crazy_Rae!

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