Stock System Vending Machine

I’m trying to make a market where every minute the stocks will change. All the code works, but I need to make the price of a vending machine equivalent to the property of the stock price. If you want to see the code, I can show. Any help?

im hoping you mean your block code and not the game code, because as you probably know, those aren’t allowed.

You’re going to need a trigger that checks if you have enough of the item in blocks.

Yeah, it’s block code.

But the price will be equivalent to a property, so do you mean using a checker to check if you have enough cash as the property? Because if so, I don’t exactly know how to do that.

it is impossible to change the price of a vending machine in game whilst not in editing mode unless you make a non visible vending machine activate and deactivate for each number in the randomizer note there is another way to do this without it being tedious it just includes buttons checkers and triggers plus various other things

You can compare numbers inside blocks, but you can compare 2 variable numbers in a checker.