Stickers not disappearing on game start

When you go into the lobby phase in creative to start a game, you can place down stickers onto the map. However, when you start the game, they don’t disappear ruining the aesthetic of the entire map with random things. The worst part is when you restore the map to begin editing again, they still don’t disappear. (I have looked multiple times to see if this has been reported by anyone else and nothing has shown up. I can’t be the only person who has had this problem).

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Yeah that happens to me too

dunno why it happens, but it does

Yeah I wish we could have an option on both creative and regular maps to make stickers only show up in the lobby.

On regular maps, they have a separate lobby room except for one way out which makes me think that it may be working as intended. :man_shrugging:

wdym one way out also has it’s own lobby room

Just refresh the page or x out the tab and then go back on to your Gimkit Creative world

But that is time-consuming

One way out’s lobby room lets you walk around the center room and the weapons room.

no it doesn’t that’s part of the game

oh it does nvm then ig

ok, but its the only way to fix it

the stickers stay in one way out too

also how do you make the instructional images unless you can’t yet?

Can’t xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Make the center of the map a “lobby” area and have a spawn pad put them in the actual map when the game starts. May be memory intensive, but it’s the only solution

They are supposed to stay.This is not a bug, it is a misunderstanding of it.

How do you make a lobby area? Spawn pads affect the lobby as well. Is this an effect you can do with a zone?

You can set when the spawn pads activate

Just don’t use a publish link, or use a teleporter that only activates a bit after the game starts combined with a spawn pad that activates at the same time.