Sticker on the ground like in one way out?

is it possible to make like a picture on the ground of a slingshot or somthing like in one way out like this?

I don’t think so sadly.

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I’m not sure, but I don’t think so, sorry :frowning:

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they should add it then but thanks for saying

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Sorry, but as of now, no. GimKit currently doesn’t allow custom images to be used because of server costs and moderation issues. However, Josh said (in a GimKit Documentation article) that in the future, he might let us to use custom images! :slight_smile:

So stay tuned!

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Nope. Not impossible, but the post quoted below is true -


(post deleted by author)

please dont necropost!
that user is less active now, they might not even need a solution anymore, as this post was nearly a year old.

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I could tell, as the new device can solve this. I wish gimkit made a rule about necroposting. Sadly, we cannot solve this if the user who posted it is unactive… no more replies, please.