Starting Health Question

Let’s say you start with 1% of your health but when you select your role, you gain 49 to get half health due to that role.
When you get knocked out, will your health be at half or at 1% or just full because you got knocked out?

  1. thanks in advance ↩︎

KOed as in tagged or blasted?

blasted, portaled, muffined, clacked, zapped, and those types.
is there a difference?
cause I might use tagged

Okay, so if you want to lose your role after you get knocked out, probably put yourself at 1% health, but if you just want to respawn but still keep the role, I guess stay at half health?

Idk, but hope this helps.

I’m asking if I do stay at half health or what happens.

Maybe you’ll just stay at 1% idk really tho

You said that when you pick a role, it might give you extra health, right?
So what I’m saying is that when you get knocked out, if you want it to work with you losing the role, you put your health at 1%, but if you just want to respawn with the role still active, keep it at half health or whatever.

If its green health, I think it will be reset to full. If its shield it disappears entirely.

since this is pretty easy to test… just test it…
make the in game system and play it with another tab… duh

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