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So, I’m making a game where you have to escape a poisonous desert, and you only have 2 minutes. When the game starts, there’s a popup that asks if you want to know how to play. However, I realized if you do see how to play, you only have about 1:45 left. Even by selecting no, you lose about 5 seconds.
So, is there a way to start the countdown only after a certain event occurs?


The countdown is enabled in Map Settings, so I’m not using counters.

I’m not a new user on Gimkit Creative. I’m alright with using anything. Complicated devices, blocks, properties, anything! As long as it solves this problem! :smile:

No. You basically have to use counters.

Solution (using counters): Make a counter with the starting value as “120”. Now, place down a trigger that triggers itself. Make it so that when you select the option to start the countdown, trigger the trigger using wires or channels. Now, set a target value and then end the game when the counter finishes (or do something else I don’t know).

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