Squaring a Circle in Gimkit

I need help on squaring a circle in gimkit. What this means is that the user can specify a radius of a circle (no numbers, just “draw” a line) and the game will draw a square with the same exact area as the circle does. Can you help me?



You can’t square a circle IRL.

Nothings impossible on gimkit creative.

But everything mathematically impossible IRL is also impossible in GKC.


Oh really?

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I don’t know if this will work, but I think it should give the side length of a the square with the same area as a circle with the radius of R. If you don’t have any units to go off of, just make some up.

Anyway everyone’s saying it’s impossible so I’m pretty sure I’m just being dumb here.

EDIT: Just did a test, and these look like they have the same area, I calculated these two with the formula above.


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The challenge is to do it with only a compass and a straightedge.

Yes, I know that but I don’t think that was specified in the post by getri.

That’s RIGHT! Now, how would you even start to answer this? Make a 2D display?

I mean the full solution is to make a display, ask the user for a number, plug the number into that formula, and then color the right pixels. The biggest challenge I think would be coloring the pixels correctly.

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Not sure if this helps but these equations make a square (the red one shown below) and a circle (the green one shown below) with the same area with n being the radius of the circle.


I feel dumb saying this (because I think it might wrong (( like look at the other posts)) ) but you can you a barrier that allows people to walk through it (if you need it) and it is supposed to be a square but turn it into a circle lol

The conversion for this isn’t mathematically consistent. I’ve seen the default values for barriers, and last I checked the barrer doesn’t maintain the same area between conversion.

I feel stupid now (my school has people who need help spelling “summer” in middle school)

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maybe you don’t have to represent the square graphically, you can just do the equations for converting circle radius into square area equivalent to the circle area (The equations given by Blackhole927 and Hikiko), and then give the side length rounded to the nearest hundredth (pi could just be 3.14).


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Yeah that’s what I meant.

I mean adjusting the size is possible, it is not exact but if you really need it then just do an approximate amount with a good enough grid snap