Spleef Game Thumbnail Help

Hello, I am making a Spleef Game in gimkit and I need a thumbnail and I am very very bad at making thumbnails so can somebody help me with that and second of all HOW IN THE WORLD do you make every single player in the game teleport to 1 place including game host when the game host presses the button?

I can help. some of my past thumbnails

You can definitely help Thanks! But also do you have any idea on how to make it so that when 1 person in the server presses the button, every person including the person that pressed it goes to a different loaction?

answer to question 1: i can help if youd like!! it may take a bit but i can try

answer to question 2: set the buttons “transmit on when pressed” to a channel of your choice. then create a relay and set it to all players and set “relay when recieving on” to the button output channels name. make the relay send out a signal on a channel, and then add a teleporter and under “teleport when recieving on” put the relays output channel.

you can also use wires to do this.

my apologies if the explanation is bad, somebody else can probably explain it more clearly.

I have no problem with how long the thumbnail takes to make thanks for code so much no matter how much I researched I didn’t understand the code and you helped and I understood Thanks

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