Speed repter adding

I want to have it so the player enters a zone and there speed goes up by 0.025 evrey secund but i don’t know how to do that cuz there no blocks and no guides so can someone help me

speed modifiers can only increment up to the hundredths place…
you would need a bunch of speed modifiers and wire repeaters…

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the wire repeaters would have a 1 second delay each

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can you do it when your in a zone only

can some one plz help me

Im creating the map wright now really need help

You could use a repeater.

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can u show examples or exlpane more

Get a zone, a repeater, (NOT A WIRE REPEATER,) and the speed modifier. When Player enters zone → start repeater. But, when the Player leaves zone, make it when Player leaves the zone, transmit on: PlayerLeft, plug this in to stop the repeater when receiving on: Player left. Change the speed modifier and the repeater to your needs.

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does this mean I would have to create many speed modifyers

Nuh uh, just one.

how would that work?

I want it to add up not set

You can’t add speed to the player.

Then what will the explanton you gave me do?

Well, you would have to use multiple speed modifiers. to add up speed.

you can add up speed what does that mean

I looked a little more. it’s not possible to tell when a speed mod has set speed. The closest we have is random set speed. Sorry.

ohh you know what I could use that
(vairbell set to 1)
add one to vairbell and
if vairbell = x set players speed to x

You would have to update the variable every second though.

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