Spectator Problem

Okay, so, in my game, I have a button titled “Give Up” and it switches you to spectator mode if you click it. It works, but if someone does it then they can’t see all option bar (ex. the game stop button, leader board, etc.) at the top. Is there a way to fix this?

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sadly no as the players could have to must control if they could change the buttons at the top show or not

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What do you mean by button? Is it an actual button or a screen overlay?
If its a screen overlay, make sure it has a signal making it show, and try reloading gimkit.


not the way you would like
but instead of switching them to spectator you can teleport them somewhere else

Yes, it is a screen overlay. It is connected to a team switcher that is set to spectator.

Thanks for your idea!

Thank y’all for your help, but just making sure I mean option bar by like the game stop button, leaderboard, etc.

yeah spectator will get rid of any overlay and stuff teleport instead

maybe some kind of pseudo spectate though?


Hm. This sounds like a bug. Are you sure you were on the host’s screen when you saw this issue?

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they switched to spectator which unrenders the entire map + any code they added
@GimkitGuy1034 make sure to refresh if it is a bug though

So then why can hosts have the option to spectate when starting a game?
Again, are you sure you were on the host’s screen when you saw this issue? Could you also try to replicate this issue with a publish link?

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refreshed. not a bug

It happens to everyone, just the host is most important because they need to stop the game if they want to. Plus, my game is in the workings, so I don’t want to post a link right now.

I meant to say a showcase link. They’re so easy to confuse :man_facepalming:
Just use the temporary showcase link to test if this bug is present with showcase links. The link will only be accessible people you share it with.

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(post deleted by author)

um you cant do that put it on the wix

Welp, I can’t be in the game right now to help debug this issue. If you need a player to fill in your game so it can start, just enter the game in a new tab.

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whatchu mean buddyboy

I’m in the game ----
also no codes here- go to https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/

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