Spectator Issue

SO i was doing one of my maps and when you switched to spectator after the round is over u still spectate the person that u were before. It makes it so hard to do my games


Check the game settings, maybe that might be smth…

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Since this is based off a map, there are two scenerios:
1: You are the owner
Debug the issue, it is your game.
Try to find out what is causing the issue. This could be causing the issue.
2: Someone else made the map
Ask them and tell them about this issue.

Also, I renamed and recategorzed your topic since this is not a Bugs and you have a vague title.

thats mean. I’m not sure how to fix that. I have a friend who can help, though.

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Yes this happened to me too. Were you doing different tabs with different accounts?

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Yes it is a bug everyone Ik in the wix that have games like this have this problem

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Alright, my mistake. I will put it back

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sry totally forgot not used to this forum

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