Spectator camera bug

Sometimes, when a player is set to spectator in my game for whatever reason and the game ends, the player’s camera is still fixed to whatever player they were spectating. The only cases I know of where this happened is when I am using an alt, so the alt is in another tab when the game ends.

Yes, tab switch does cause bugs in gimkit. That may be the reason why this happens.

If the last player remaining is set to spectator, it auto ends the game.

And the camera is supposed to fix on whatever person they’re spectating I think.

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This has caused problems for my friends and I during live games too. Turning auto shuffle on while spectating can help stop the camera from locking on to someone else. If that doesn’t work, the only fix I know is to leave and re-enter the game with a new name and kick the player you were playing as before.

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Yeah, that’s what I had to do.

That’s all good, but the problem is it doesn’t unfix when the game ends.