Spectator Bug For Host

So when the host switches to spectator mode, they can’t see any options at all. You just see the person you’re spectating. That’s all you can see.
Also, I’m not taking any “restart or try again” posts. I have tried that multiple times.

so what do you want them to see?

wdym? Like the options that the host usually sees when they start the game.

Do you mean the option to stop the game?

The host(me) when I go into spectator mode it looks like this:

Ok then. Just keep this post up.

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That normally happens when you stick with the person too long, or it’s just a bug. It happens to me a lot when spectating. Normally I leave the game and come back, but you said you wouldn’t want that solution, right?

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You sure?

I mean, i had that bug before and i had to rehost it to fix it.

Yeah, I’ve already tried it.

Then I’m sorry, we can’t do anything