Spawning in glitch

Ok, so this has been happening to me a lot. Either my player spawning far away from where i’m supposed to, or my player spawns right, but my camera view is far away.
If you’re gonna say, “Place a spawn pad”
or, “You forgot to place a spawn pad. That’s the world spawn”
I don’t wanna hear it.
Edit: and yes, my spawn pads are set to pre-game.

Is this in GKC building or GKC maps?

Building. After the game starts it goes back to normal

Are the spawn pads set to all players as well?

yes. my settings:


Some part of my brain feels like that has to be the problem.


Idk, sometimes when I delete then re-add a device it fixes itself so try that?

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Odd. I haven’t had that happen before.

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