Spawn pads and speed boost

I need help making it where one spawn pap gives speed and the others don’t but where other people can’t get it if someone doesn’t spawn ther

Zones that deactivate once the person leaves.

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But if someone does not spawn there can’t someone just run to the zone and get the speed

So what you want is for only a certain team to get speed in the spawn pad?

Yes but if I put it to teams the first person that joins will always get the speed because it is by order

I’m not sure, there may not be such a feature, but you may need to use codes or possibly do something complicated with the devices. (I don’t know, but maybe there is a way.)

Ok I have tried for over 2 hours on ways to make it work

Then there may not be a way, you should probably ask someone else, but it’s a bit difficult because you say “spawn pad”

Ok I wish you could just use the wire to connect the two

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maybe it could be like this. . . FOR EXAMPLE: “It’s a bit ridiculous, but it might work.”
Put barriers around the spawn pad. When you press the button, the barriers will open, also, give the player speed, and… the barrier will close every time the player respawns in the spawn pad. (At least an idea)
I’m sorry, I have no experience with spawn pads.

Have an invisible barrier that covers the spawn platform and the zone. It needs to be active on game start. Wire the zone to a speed modifier, so when zone entered → set to configured speed. The purpose of the barrier is to make a one-way spawn pad, so you can’t reactivate the zone.


Maybe put a barrier around the zone and make it not active on the start put wire and…I just saw that @AhmetT just put what I was gonna say

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