Spawn on Same Team

Is it possilbe to make every spawn on the same team at the start of the game?

Wire a life cycle to a relay (everyone) then to a team switcher switching everyone to your desired team.


i tried it, and it didn’t work

Can you show a pic of your setup?

1 sec…

Just go into settings [game options] and set the team mode to ‘Cooperative’.

what if there are more than 2 people?
Screenshot 2024-01-18 4.53.43 PM

read my post above
it’s simpler

which one?

In the beginning, can you just make it to where everyone’s on the same team in the first place?

it isn’t in the setting tho

Does the lifecycle have game start?

Does the relay say everyone?

Does the teamswitcher go to the right team?

clarification: go to the teams tab

It is in main settings.


i mean everyone on the same team in the settings

You should probably use cooperative mode actually. Idk why it wont work for you.


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