Space theme idea for props

Making a big and I mean big space map but I need ideas for it because right now it is just one big square… any ideas?

Areas that every spaceship needs:


Anymore ideas? If not, I can mark a solution.

My only tip, try adding a diverse shape other than a literal square, try making it like, sigh, sorry for saying this but, the among us spaceship, facepalm

Command station-includes: command table, laptop, computers, and lab tables.
Laboratory- includes: lab table,chemicals,ground breaking plants
Library- includes: Wooden chairs and tables, bookshelves, open codexs
Weapons-includes item spawners, shields, armor stands

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Okay but like… there is a giant empty space in the middle of those rooms but I don’t know what to put there…

you should make some funky little alien guys using this!

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you could add a bunch of space trash…?

I just thought of this but I think I can make the game similar to one way out but less complicated and more things after the space ship thingy…

so like what kinda game is it

Almost like one way out, but it has some things that you have to complete to get to an alien like planet, which it is going to be made with purple grass

Make each room a different shape squares get really boring

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Screenshot 2024-04-22 9.34.48 AM
Here is the thumbnail if that can help any ideas.


maybe make puzzle rooms?

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A med-bay with the dead crewmates as sentries

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