Something's wrong with my XP

How did i get 3 XP for reaching Summit 2? When you reach Summit 2, you get 75 XP.

My XP limit was 14,994 and now it’s 14,997 XP. (kinda full)

It may be a visual bug, check your XP, did you get 3?

Yeah, it’s currently in 14,997 XP:

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have you played it a lot recently?

I’ve been using the game to farm XP to get Sketch (graph paper).

This isn’t really related to GKC…

That’s strange, I think it won’t happen at the next summit though.

I’ve never played any Gimkit gamemodes before, so I don’t know

you can only hold 15,000 xp at a time. hence why you only gained 3xp.

Yeah, but i don’t have my XP limit full. I also need another 3 XP to make it full.

i don’t know, it might give you less and less if your playing with a kit where all the answers are correct?

oh, thats weird. im guessing it didn’t update yet. you most likely gained the three xp, but it hasn’t updated yet on your profile.

Reload the XP page. It doesn’t sync all the time.

Guys, stop replying, this isn’t related to GKC and 3 xp difference isn’t that big of a deal.


IDK, but you might only get another 3.

Once I only needed 1 xp to max out, and i did it with questions.

off-topic tho, sorry those who don’t like me :rofl: