Something was really wrong with my turkey 🤣


yes there is need help?

No, I made this post for fun

ok then good luck with that :joy:

That’s normal. Sometimes it bugs, there was a lot like a month ago. But its nothing too bad, as platformer beta releases, he did say bugs will happen, which means it might have affected normal too, so nothing too serious, hopefully.

Oh yeah… this always happens when there’s a lot of people playing I think…

what? this is like when the senterys. it happend one update where this would happen to all senterys but seems like you recreated it but for players

this bug is back!

Yeah! I remember having this one, I think the past solution was to put on a different skin.

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this happened to me with the king gimrick skin

Oh, I’ve seen that mutilated turkey before. :rofl: Hi, turkey! :turkey:

Idk why but I keep hearing about people with that same glitch. LOL

That is going to give me some extreme nightmares…
:turkey: Poor turkey…guess they’ll be none for Thanksgiving in the Gimkit world if this keeps happening…

Also, it’s because of the platforming update. Bugs and glitches are more common than milliseconds now, so it might just be a platforming issue. Refresh, check your internet connection, or email to see if they can fix it…

LOL!!! That’s really funny! :rofl: :sob:

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