[SOLVED] Tag Domination Block Teleport Error

There was this glitch in Tag: Domination. So basically there is a teleportal with a barrier that you have to buy, but when I went close to it I automatically teleported without purchasing the portal first. It makes absolutely no sense

Yeah, WolfTechnology and I also had this problem. It’s probably a bug that needs to be reported (at hello@gimkit.com). Make sure to mark a solution!

Also, welcome back!


Yes, I have already reported it to the Gimkit, team, so please mark a solution so we don’t add clutter to the forum.

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Thank you so much! I will contact Gimkit

Please mark a solution @CubeBoss.

No problem! I’m always happy to help! Solutions are a thing that were added a month ago (or so), so you missed them. Now, you can automatically close the post (in 3 hours). To read more about them, go here.

Don’t forget to mark a solution!

@CubeBoss, please mark a solution!