[solved!] I would like to point something out! ( it may have been hacking, I dunno please give your opinion on this situation)

SOOOO, I was dong some grinding and some random person pops in my game!

and I didn’t share my code!! (seriously!!)

i was like: bro whatthe? how did they get there?!?

  • their user was maddox

  • they were using riff

  • I was in tag, domination

has this happened to anyone or was this just me??

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it didn’t happen to me. it may have just been someone guessing random codes cause they were bored and accedently got into your game, not knowing it was a real code

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sounds like what i tried one time, i entered random codes and i ended up in someones snow game i never did that ever again

but it could have been a person scoping games with something but very unlikley they would come into your tag game

it could be random or just someone hacking

ok I never knew people do that…

was anybody playing with you?

nope. just me in another tab because I can’t start the game with one.

:), its only if a person is that bored there very uncommon as it takes forever to find a game i found that game after trying for 20 mins

I have found a couple random codes, but they were hard to find. Do you have any siblings?

only ones under the age of five.
ima mark a solution now.
maybe get some feedback on the discord

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one if my classmates got into a random ctf game today, it’s just the luck of putting the right number in

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were you at home, or school?



if you were at school you can easly get sniped

it was probably just a random guess

ya a lucky guess its pretty rare so i mean exiting and scary

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definitely someone who random put codes lol. just put like a bunch of numbers (6-8) and you might get into a game. great reactions from times i’ve done it lol.


What they did was put in a bunch of random codes cause they were bored. I used to do this a lot LOL!

I had that same situation in the past not just in Gimkit, but Blooket too.