[Solved] How do I delete my forum account?

I need help finding out how to delete my forum account, I believe it doesn’t say anything on Discourse. Please help. (I have decided not to delete my account)

why do you want to delete you forum account?!?

You can’t deleted your account but you can ask for a suspension on your account by contacting the mods



Use this: hello@gimkit.com to contact the mods

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There are some posts and stuff I regret making, that I cant delete…


It’s fine… (plus I’m doing a rebrand, most of my assets arent good and I would like to start over under a new name…)

Welp o7 to @DDerryberry see you on another account


Goodbye, (I’m just gonna use a different email, cause I got 2)

wait @DDerryberry if you do that then the mods are going to think its an alt and suspend it forever

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oh yah…

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@DDerryberry, you could just message the mods (@moderators) and ask them to change your name. They have the ability to do that.

I just did… :smile:

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