Solved dont reply i repeat dont reply

so ive made pvp games in the past and i also make more of a showcase game
and im stuck on ideas

i dont wanrt any game suggestions llike fnaf or any game for that matter game that havent been made i want one original idea

i dont want games having to deal with block code I HATE blockcode i think its to confusing and i dont like it

if you suggest a game suggest a start a middle or ending unless its a pvp game

Please i need ideas ive looked its just there to simple i want something that pushes the boundries of gimkit this will be my last map unless i delete a nother map i am limited to 3 maps :frowning:


Very limiting without blocks



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ive already looked at both

Think of playground games.

Oh then how 'bout…
1.Laser Maze
2.Gim of the Hill
3.Murder Mystery
4.Sentries vs Humans
6.Battle Royal
7.Brawl Stars
8.Fnaf 1-2-3-4
9.Hide and Seek
10.Balloons TD
11.Death Run
12.Something like Gimjumper
13.Cafe game
14.Money Tycoon
15.Crossy Road
16.Freeze Tag
17.Scavenger Hunt
18.Hot potatoe
19.Duck duck goose

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also feel free to correct my terrible spelling

WHAT THE, have they added pvp

yes and you can look yourself

Welcome to the gimkit forum @lomov0

ill wait like a hour or till tmr and mark a solution and credit the idea I chose

thank u I’ve always wanted to be here

not bad idea but like what games besides dodgeball

4 square, basketball, tag, racing with friends, etc.

alright ill consider some of those ideas thank you!

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Check the solution to this topic:

alright you have given me a idea but im going to have to wait till josh releases the one way up creative update thing ill mark you as the solution for now ill make one of these when the update rolls out


Well, I do like pvp it’s fun also among us

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