Soccer with AI?

I was trying to make a soccer game, but then I realized something. What if the Sentries could target the ball instead of the player? but idk how it could be done. Help

i thought about this, but i am not smart enought to figure this out

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you could make the sentry shoot at the other sentry goally then place the ball infront of him. @trees

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Here’s something fun I thought about:

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hmm… i wonder how it could be done. ill do some digging

but the ball would move…

interesting. thanks cause this might be the solution

Just gonna mention, sentries are not Ai.

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try something like this @trees where the sentrys are on different teams and the sentry is shooting at the ball to shoot the other sentry

The lighter zones are the ball respawn zones


woah thats pretty creative, @Pandapants2000!

thx @thatOneCringe and it works too, so you can have your very own AI soccer game. I mean it will be the same the whole time but it will still be fun!

Again, sentries are not Ai.

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sentries are AI it’s in their device description

No, an Ai has a semblance of thinking and can react differently to circumstances. A sentry just runs on code, meaning it can’t change or learn in any way.

ok, well my Idea will still work

@WhereIsMyHat it uses ai to decide what to target and where to aim.
Also, LEPRECHUAN2024 asked me to review your cookie-clicker game on my new Gimkit blog. I need to know, though to do this, when’s your next update coming?

bro your not adding anything by being technical about what artificial intelligence is. just stop.

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Just stop talking on this, and let it close.

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sorry, i came back on this to see if it was solved and wanted to say something abt that.

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No, as I’ve said sentry is not Ai. The system it uses to aim is simple code, not nearly as complicated as a real Ai, such as chat gpt. An Ai can react to situations without them being specifically programmed in. For instance, that is why you are able to carry out a conversation with chat gpt