So what should I add to my aiming map


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prop you can damage and you might want to take that off before it gets flagged

how do you know if people are new @Caternaught


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I don’t get that is it a reg thing

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What do you mean to your aiming map, and can you add a screenshot?

Do you know the blast game mode it’s a training map for it

Then just pretty much replicate it but make it look like a training room.

If it’s blast ball,

Make it so there’s different types of gadgets you can use to shoot the ball, so like a quantum portal can be a mega kick maybe. Add limited ammo, and make it replenish after a bit with a cooldowns.

(Make sure in the physics section of the blast ball it goes farther the more damaged dealt to it)


Ty :blush: thx for the help

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