So, what are the rules for YouTube redirections?

So, I have an upcoming map, basically the B-Sides version of DLD, the idea coming from Celeste of course, and I feel like I should probably recommend better music to play in the background of the game.
Am I entirely allowed to put some text at the start, like, “Recommended music for this map is [MUSIC]”, or would that violate the rules involved of using other companies and/or developers content for your own maps?

I don’t think you can, its breaking rule 7.



  1. this aint youtube
  2. that sounds like an email question
  3. offtopic
  4. just mute the copyrighted music it´s what most youtubers do anyways if you want to use say like and outro/intro song i think you might have to ask the artist b4 using their music in your intro unless they´re ded

Ah, alright then, I guess the map alone will just have to fill the soul of Celeste B-Sides.

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