So I'm open for suggestions

My game is called STRANDED and its a full story/lore based game. I’m trying to make it feel like a actual GAME, not just Gimkit. (No offense)

Here’s the story thus far…
So you wake up on a mysterious island and attempt to figure out where you are. You follow a river to a note by a man named Tenzo, who left a note claiming if he survives the night, he will head for a cave. You decided to set up camp and head for the cave in the morning, and as you fall asleep you get a vivid, weird dream about a mysterious voice speaking to you. You don’t know who the voice is but you decide to be cautious in case this person (creature?) decides to come for you. You head to the cave and meet a Crying man, who’s name turns out to be Rick. You find out he was Tenzo’s father and you befriend him. He tells you about the place he was attempting to get into, called the Hideaway, a safe place for rebels. You find out Tenzo was slain by the king, and he mourns his loss. He also tells you he can’t enter because of rocks fallen on the entrance. As you are about to ask him for another way in, guards out of nowhere attack! Rick gives you his weapon, since he cannot fight at all. You defeat the guards (assuming your not garbage) and he tells you about a hole into the hideaway Tenzo dug when he was younger that they might be able to dig up. You find that the tunnel is still there and you crawl into the hideaway, finding Burn, (I wonder who that is) the leader of the Hideaway. You speak to him and he asks you a favor (what that favor is, I do not yet know). END (for now)
Do you guys have ideas?


This thing seems fully-fleshed out. How much more lore are you going to add to this?

OMG, that sounds interesting. I can’t wait to play it once it’s out.

Maybe you could add underground caves, a forest, or a mountain range.


I don’t think I have enough storage for one map so there’s probably gonna be a sequel

That’s crazy. I personally don’t have any suggestions right now, so good luck on your map.

I like the forest Idea! (Wish I had thought of that) I’ll look into it

this seems sorta like a showcase, ngl.

oh wait
does it?
Is that against the rules?
I’ll take it down if thats the case

yeah, sorta, help is generally when you have a specific question for us to answer.

alright, sorry abt that

it’s okay, we all make mistakes, especially when we first j0in.

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Nvm I just remembered the no-ads rule. I don’t know if this qualifies.

@Gimkit101 I wonder why Gimkit put that as a rule probably to keep out random bots saying “Play this game” but it would probably help many games.