So i need help with a little thing

so im making a image and i want to use this
but i want it to face the other way does anyone know how to do this
(might get flagged)

uhh go into a digital art thingy and cover the eyes with black

what how does that work i want it to like turn around

so its bac is facing u?

or so its looking left?

looking left

just use canva or smth and flip the image

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ill try

well i gtg now

wait it doesn’t work

wrong one bruhhh
heres the real right one
Screenshot 2024-04-23 4.59.48 PM

what do you mean @Coolcaden26

I posted the old version not the new one. it’s fixed now

oh thanks @Coolcaden26 !!

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@Coolcaden26 what about this one

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Do you have google slides…


do you have the google search engine


Screenshot 2024-04-23 5.05.46 PM

oh thanks @Txme_Lxss