SO I need help AGAIN but on a different map

I need ideas… I am making a new map called, " Taming the fire " and… I need ideas. Any ideas?


  • You are a firefighter fighting sentries or racing to get somewhere
  • You are a fire mage
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The whole map is supposed to all be on fire, and you have to get rid of it before it destroys the earth.

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Put fire emojis all over the place that disappear when you find a barrier art fire hydrant and interact with it.

Maybe a quest, where you have to go though 3 levels, and at the end of each, there is a fire-themed mini-boss, and when all 3 mini-bosses there is a big final boss?

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Any more ideas? If not, I can just mark a solution.

It sounds like you already know what you want to do with your game. If you need mechanics help, just ask!

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I haven’t even started making my map… but I needed ideas for what I can add to it.

This implies having two endings and a timer that counts down. If the timer hits 0, you lose. If you extinguish all the fires before time is up, you win. You could add a breath meter to simulate having to run through CO2!


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